Concert of Maruv, who refused to participate in the Slavianski Bazaar, canceled in Minsk

Photo: Maruv Official
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На русском языке: В Минске отменили концерт Maruv, которая отказалась от участия в «Славянском базаре»
На беларускай мове: У Мінску адмянілі канцэрт Maruv, якая адмовілася спяваць на «Славянскім базары»

Ukrainian singer Maruv on her Instagram told about the cancellation of the concert scheduled for November 20 in Minsk Prime Hall. On the Prime Hall website it is written that the reason for it is the cancellation of the tour certificate by the Minsk City Department of Culture.

The singer appealed to fans on Instagram and suggested that the cancellation of the concert may be due to her refusal to participate in the Slavianski Bazaar in 2021. In addition, one of the reasons is the discrepancy with the age limit «16+».

The singer said that fans who leave tickets with them will be able to go to any Maruv concert in Ukraine during this and next year. The option of an online concert is also being considered. «Unfortunately, there’ll be none of my concerts in Belarus for a long time, although I would like them to be very much»,– the singer said.

We remind that on October 15 it became known about the cancellation of the concert of the LSP band. On the eve of this the Telegram channel «Zheltye Slivy» wrote: «If anyone doesn’t know, the frontman of this band hit the ceiling, he argued for a coup so much».

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