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На русском языке: Daewoo Nubira из ориентировок была продана за $1200

Yesterday, February 27, a wanted poster of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the search for a man who «committed a particularly serious crime in Machulishchy» began to be spread in chat rooms very actively. The poster was distributed in at least 5-6 versions, one of them included the color of the car, the other did not, and the third said «being established». We have already questioned this wanted poster in a previous publication.

However, in different versions there was a description of the car that the alleged suspect escaped in. There was also the registration number of the car, which was written in 7 (5 KC 5513) or 8 characters (5 KCT 5513).

Daewoo Nubira from the wanted poster was sold for $1200

The description of the car from wanted posters / motolko.help

First of all, it was not difficult to understand that we are talking about transit plates. And we managed to find that particular car.

Daewoo Nubira from the wanted poster was sold for $1200

Daewoo Nubira with the license plate 5 КС 5513, which was indicated in the wanted poster / av.by

This is a blue Daewoo Nubira J100 of 1997 year of manufacture, front-wheel drive sedan on the mechanic with registration number 5 КС 5513 — this is the car Lukashenka’s enforcers are now looking for all over the country.

The car was offered for sale on February 15 in Minsk. As of the second half of February 25, it had already been sold. The price was 3,369 Belarusian rubles (≈ $1,200).

One of the photos shows the seller in the reflection of the car. We have hidden the man’s face to avoid additional risk for him. For the same reason, we don’t publish a link to the ad.

Daewoo Nubira from the wanted poster was sold for $1200

The car is sold / av.by

If you know more information, please write to @motolko_bot. You can send the information through your friends abroad or, even safer, write to us via the contact form on the website.

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