Damage from demographic losses due to genocide is going to be calculated in Belarus

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The Scientific and Practical Center for Problems of Strengthening Law and Order of the Prosecutor General’s Office is going to assess the economic damage from demographic losses associated with the genocide of the population of Belarus during the Second World War. This was announced by the acting director of the SPC Vasily Marchuk.

According to him, a scientific study is being prepared on the topic «Genocide of the civilian population of the BSSR during the Great Patriotic War. Historical and Legal Assessment». A temporary research team is already being created. It is planned to attract employees of the National Archives, economists, lawyers, and other specialists in special branches of knowledge. The study should identify and record the facts of genocide, emphasize their scale. It should be noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office is already investigating the case of genocide. No time frame has been set for its completion. Even before its completion, a law on genocide was adopted in the country.

«It is necessary to establish certain socio-economic and legal consequences for our country, in particular, the issue of economic damage. Yes, after the war, the extraordinary state commission assessed the amount of damage that was caused to the BSSR as a whole, but no one clearly studied the question of what economic damage for our country is due to demographic losses caused by the facts of genocide,» Vasily Marchuk said.

It should be noted that last summer, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved already named the figure of losses of Belarus from the actions of Germany during the Second World War. It is 500 billion dollars in modern prices.

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