Lukashenka said that he had coronavirus again

Source: Politico
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At a meeting with Vladislav Khovalyg, the head of the Russian Tuva, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that he was ill with coronavirus for the second time. He said he had the Omicron strain. Lukashenka shared with the Russian guest his conclusions about the new strain.

«We notice that this Omicron is already ‘marching solemnly’. It’s a completely different virus if it’s a virus. Maybe, I suspect, it’s just that we’ve came to the usual flu. It does not give pneumonia. I say this as someone who has been ill with this for the second time. It doesn’t give pneumonia. For example, I suffered from it and noticed it only at the end, when this test was done there,» he said.

Lukashenka mentioned that he was ill on January 11 at the award ceremony. But then, it was possible to conclude from his words that he had pneumonia.

«Time has shown that our young, sovereign state is able to find effective answers to any challenges if necessary. Confirmation of this is how we cope with Covid pneumonia. You can see it by my example today,» Lukashenka said at the time.

Today, it turned out that he had no pneumonia. WHO recognized the Omicron strain as dangerous. It is characterized by a higher contagiousness in comparison with other strains. Its circulation is associated with a sharp increase in cases of diseases in many countries. At the same time, hospitalizations of patients and deaths are reported.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka already stated in August 2020 that he had suffered from the coronavirus. After that, he repeatedly said that he would not get vaccinated against COVID-19. In the autumn of this year, he admitted that he would be vaccinated, but he would wait for the Belarusian vaccine. It is planned to be introduced into civil circulation in 2023.


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