Deputy Director of Belaeronavigatsia on the US indictment: I don’t understand how much official this all is

The Washington Post
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Belaeronavigatsia is considering the filing of charges of air piracy by US prosecutors against the company’s managers as an instrument of pressure before the upcoming ICAO meeting, which will consider the report on the incident with the Ryanair flight Athens — Vilnius. It should take place at the end of January.

«According to the publications that I have read, I do not yet understand how much official, real this all is, maybe this is just pressure or provocation. No one officially informed me. If I hadn’t watched the news in the morning, maybe I wouldn’t have known about it,» Oleg Kazyuchits, the deputy general director of Belaeronavigatsia, said.

He also called the indictment complete nonsense. According to him, their filing is «ugly, indecorous, incorrect, goes beyond the bound of common sense.»

Yesterday, the indictment of Manhattan prosecutors against four Belarusian officials was sent to the court in the United States. They are accused of conspiring to commit aviation piracy. Among the defendants are Leonid Churo, the general director of Belaeronavigatsia, his deputy Oleg Kazyuchits and two security officers, one of whom is called Andrey Anatolievich.


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