European Parliament: All EU sanctions against Russia must apply to Belarus

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На русском языке: Европарламент: «Все санкции ЕС против России должны распространяться на Беларусь»
На беларускай мове: Еўрапарламент: «Усе санкцыі ЕС супраць Расіі павінны распаўсюджвацца на Беларусь»

Today members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the fact that the Lukashenka regime allowed Russian troops and armaments to move through the Belarusian territory, use its airspace, refuel and store ammunition.

MEPs believe that the Belarusian regime is jointly responsible for the attack against Ukraine, bearing all the legal consequences deriving from international law. It is also stressed that all EU sanctions issued against Russia must be strictly mirrored for Belarus and implemented appropriately, “including in all future rounds of sanctions.»

MEPs also called on the EU countries to actively apply the universal jurisdiction principle and prepare court cases against Belarusian officials responsible for or complicit in violence and repression, including Lukashenka himself.

In addition, in the resolution MEPs point to the need to strengthen the EU’s cooperation with Belarussian democratic forces, including through regular summits and robust financial aid.

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