Evroopt changed the message about the termination of «E-delivery» to regions

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На русском языке: «Евроопт» изменил новость о прекращении «Е-доставки» в регионы

Evroopt changed the message about the termination of «E-delivery» to regions

The changed message

The website of «E-delivery» has changed the news about the termination of delivery of goods to regions starting tomorrow, November 1.

First, it is remarkable that in the new edition of the news, the minimum amount of an order for free delivery was reduced. If earlier it was 90 rubles in Minsk region and Baranavichy, and 150 rubles in regional centers, now it says that in Minsk the delivery is 70 rubles, and in regional centers, Minsk region and Baranavichy – 90 rubles.

Information for regional centers, that orders before 7:00 are delivered until 15:00 and «orders with delivery today are accepted until 13:00» is gone, it is also no longer said that some groups of goods are not available for ordering.

The notification that the changes are introduced for an indefinite period of time is also gone.

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