Former Director General of Milkavita was arrested
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На русском языке: Арестован экс-гендиректор «Милкавита»
На беларускай мове: Арыштаваны экс-гендырэктар «Мілкавіта»

Yesterday evening, the Telegram channel «Posmotri, brechnya?» published unconfirmed information about the arrest of Vitaly Nikulin, Director General of OJSC Milkavita. We could confirm this information from different sources, and several months earlier Nikulin was dismissed.

According to our information, Vitaly Nikulin, the former Director General of Milkavita, was arrested on Friday, October 22. There’s also information that on that day not only he was arrested, but also the chief accountant and two other employees.

Two months before the arrest, around August 19, Nikulin was dismissed from the Director General post and was appointed as a Chief Engineer. It is reported that the reason was that «the company brings little profit«, but in fact, Milkavita is one of the most successful enterprises in Gomel.

Former Director General of Milkavita was arrested

Nikulin's position on the website of Milkavita /

«The Director of Milkavita was a guy who did not work a day not only with milk, but in food production in general…»

On the official website of the enterprise, no redeployment is mentioned. We were able to find a short note in the professional publication, in the section «new appointments» it is said «OJSC Milkavita Sergey Matsukov, Director General». On Milkavita’s website, the information about the new Director appeared almost a month later, only on September 17, in the news about Matsukov’s meeting with the labor collective.

Former Director General of Milkavita was arrested

Sergey Matsukov, Director General, at the meeting with the labor collective of OJSC Milkavita, September 17 /

«In Gomel, absolutely unexpectedly for everyone, the Director of Milkavita was dismissed. He even got hospitalized. Instead, they appointed the Deputy Director of Oblavtotrans, who had never worked anywhere else, much less dealt with dairy production. You can meet him for discussion on work issues now by appointment only (because first he tries to understand what is needed from him and what will be discussed)», – our sources reported.

Indeed, before the appointment, Matsukov held the post of General Director Deputy of JSC Gomeloblavtotrans, and what he has to do with dairy products is unclear.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first case of arrests at the enterprise. On January 13, 2020, the court of the Zheleznodorozhny District of Gomel, sentenced Sergey Baboriko, the former Director General of OJSC Milkavita, to five years in prison with serving a sentence in a colony with augmented regime for a bribe in a large amount ($ 7500).

«This is a blemish on my record, which I will try to get rid of for the rest of my life», – said Baboriko in his last word.

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