Four lecturers dismissed from the BSU Faculty of Law «according to the lists»

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Updated: February 2 2022 21:05
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На русском языке: С юрфака БГУ «по спискам» уволили 3-х преподавателей
На беларускай мове: З юрфака БДУ «па спісах» звольнілі 3-х выкладчыкаў

«Law Verum» telegram channel reports that four lecturers were dismissed from the Faculty of Law of the BSU «according to the lists», including two Doctors of Law:

  • Yulia Haurilchenka – Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Economic Law. One of the founders of the master’s program in IT law.
  • Kiryl Tamasheuski  – Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure and Labor Law.
  • Siarhei Pratasavitski – PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law. One of the authors of the commentary on the Civil Code, which is studied by all law students.
  • Tatsiana Audzeyeva – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law. One of the founders of the civil law club, a scientist in the field of civil liability.

Update: Law Verum reports that the information about the dismissal of Siarhei Pratasavitski, the BSU lecturer of the Faculty of Law, Candidate in Legal Sciences, is inaccurate.

«At the moment, he is still listed as a lecturer in the Department of Civil Law. We hope that the university administration will not think of depriving itself of one of the strongest specialists in their field,» the Law Verum telegram channel specifies.

At the end of January, the dismissal from the Faculty of Law was reported by a well-known lawyer Dmitry Laevski, whose mother Elena Laevskaya was also dismissed from the faculty. In addition, in 2020-2021, lecturers Yaraslau Kot and Elena Basalai lost their jobs at the faculty.

«These are experienced high-level specialists (I know all of them personally). They didn’t do anything seditious – they just had their own opinions, they were honest with students, they taught them the law, and not to march. Some of them supported my mother last spring, when she was illegally fired due to my work on protecting people. Dismissals at the BSU do not occur without participation of the Legal Work Department. As we found out during the court challenging the illegal dismissal, the head of the legal work department is Shvakova Elena Nikolaevna – the wife of Shvakov Alexei Ivanovich, wh played an important role in depriving the profession of many lawyers as chairman of the Minsk City Bar Association in 2021,» Dmitry wrote.

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