France accuses Lukashenka’s family of organized human trafficking

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На русском языке: Франция обвинила семью Лукашенко в организованной торговле людьми
На беларускай мове: Францыя абвінаваціла сям’ю Лукашэнкі ў арганізаваным гандлі людзьмі

Clément Beaune, the Secretary of State for European Affairs at the French MFA,  said that Lukashenka’s relatives purposefully organize trips of migrants arriving in Belarus to its borders with the EU countries. This is reported by the publication DW with reference to the words of Beaune.

«Lukashenka wants to trap the European Union by claiming that Europe is violating its own principles»,– Beaune believes.

The representative of the MFA of France didn’t name specific names, but called for acting «decisively and humanely» in the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border. According to him, the goal of the official Minsk is to weaken and divide the EU.


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