Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke with Makei on an «unpleasant topic», but state media kept silent about it

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На русском языке: Глава МИД Ирана поговорил с Макеем на «неприятную тему», а госСМИ об этом умолчали
На беларускай мове: Кіраўнік МЗС Ірана паразмаўляў з Макеем на «непрыемную тэму», а дзяржСМІ пра гэта змаўчалі

Yesterday, October 26, a phone conversation was held between Makei and Hossein -Amir Abdollahian, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about which Belarusian state media kept silent.

Iranian Minister said that he was seriously concerned about the state of his citizens, who were trapped at the Belarusian- Lithuanian border. He called for cooperation in humanitarian work, to find these people and provide them medical assistance. In addition, the head of the MFA of Iran called for granting the Iranian Embassy in Minsk access to the Iranians so they could return home.

It’s noteworthy that there’s no information about this conversation not only in state media, but also on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

According to a political analyst Alexander Fridman, these events have another special feature. The fact is that Iran is not the same as Iraq or Lebanon. People run from Iran to the EU not for a better life, but from the fundamental dictatorship, including those who are persecuted for political, religious or other reasons at home. And for these people returning to Iran may have extremely negative consequences.

We should note that back on October 25, Interfax-West news agency with reference to the Iranian Embassy in Belarus reported on the concerns of the Iranian MFA about the problem of its fellow citizens at the border of Belarus and Lithuania. It is also said in the report that a representative of Iranian MFA is in contact with relevant Belarusian agencies.

The Embassy immediately contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant Belarusian agencies to receive additional information about the state of its fellow citizens who are at the Belarusian- Lithuanian border and the solution to this problem. During these contacts, the Embassy appealed to the competent Belarusian authorities with a request for assistance in establishing contact with these Iranian citizens and immediately investigating the situation«,– the agency quotes the representative of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the spokesman of the Iranian Embassy, they contacted the affected people at the border by phone.

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