French construction retailer Leroy Merlin liquidates its legal entity in Belarus

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The information about the liquidation of «Leroy Merlin Bel» appeared in the state register of payers. It states that the company has being in the process of liquidation since October 11, 2021. It was registered in July 2015 in Minsk. The publication drew the attention to the closure of «Leroy Merlin Bel».

The first store was planned to be opened on the site of the former car-market «Zhdanovichi» at the intersection of Timiryazeva and Ratomskaya streets in Minsk. The start was expected in 2020. As planned, the sales area of the store would be 10 thousand square meters, they also wanted to place a warehouse for 2 thousand square meters and parking lot for 900 cars.

However, in November 2020, Leroy Merlin suspended the construction of its first hypermarket in Belarus.

The customer of the construction was the «Trading House «Zhdanovichi», which planned to lease the premises to Leroy Merlin for long-term lease. But the company abandoned the project «due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, and its financial consequences, and the subsequent changes in our strategic priorities». Among the reasons in addition to COVID-19, «other circumstances» are named.

Today, the segment of DIY-retail is considered one of the most promising market categories. In Belarus, this niche is shared by operators Mile, Materik and OMA.

Leroy Merlin was founded in 1923 in France by spouses Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin. It specializes in the sale of goods for the construction, decoration and arrangement of the house, cottage and garden. Currently, there are 500 stores in the world. On average, the Leroy Merlin store employs 350-400 people.

The start of Leroy Merlin on the Belarusian market meant creation of additional jobs, increased social stability and sales of products of local producers, representatives of the French retailer said. In line with its policy, Leroy Merlin seeks to increase the number of local suppliers by providing support through medium-term contracts.


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