Homiel City Executive Committee began to prepare for drills with the territorial defense

Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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На русском языке: Гомельский горисполком начал подготовку к проведению учения с теробороной
На беларускай мове: Гомельскі гарвыканкам пачаў падрыхтоўку да правядзення вучэнняў з тэрабаронай

According to the portal of public procurement, on April 20, the Homiel City Executive Committee began several procedures for the procurement of items for the local territorial defense.

The executive committee is planning to purchase:

  • Camouflage nets;
  • Liana automobile barrier;
  • Portable ladder with platform;
  • Retractable rack for map posters;
  • Furniture items (closets, bedside tables, dining table and chairs, bed, etc.).
  • Household appliances (refrigerator, electric kettle and stove, microwave, TV, fan, etc.);
  • Stationery.

Homiel City Executive Committee began to prepare for drills with the territorial defense

The procurement of goods will cost the budget 24,269.46 BYN ($8,261). It should be noted that this is not the contract price at which the goods were purchased. In other words, the real costs may be a little lower.

Homiel’s national defense budget for 2023 was 40,397 BYN ($14,350) (a decrease by 3.4 times by 2022). Thus, the executive committee planned to spend about 60% of the national defense budget on preparation for the drills.

Earlier, we reported that in May (the exact date was not announced), military drills with the territorial defense forces were to be held in Homiel. Up to 100 conscripts are planned to be drafted from the reserve.

The procurement documents indicated that the supply of goods should take place no later than May 5. Due to this, we may assume that the drills with the territorial defense will begin no later than May 15.

We can also note that in November 2022, the Akvalang institution (engaged in mobilization training in Homiel) purchased equipment for the arrangement of a field camp.

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