The EU Court refused to lift sanctions against three more individuals connected with the regime in Belarus
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На русском языке: Суд ЕС отказался снимать санкции ещё с трёх лиц связанных с режимом в Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Суд ЕС адмовіўся здымаць санкцыі яшчэ з трох асобаў, звязаных з рэжымам у Беларусі

On June 7, the European Court in Luxembourg decided to keep in force sanctions against three representatives of the Lukashenko regime, who tried to challenge the imposition of sanctions against them.

We are talking about Aleksandr Bakhanovich (first deputy minister of education), Sergei Rubnikovich (rector of BSMU) and Sergei Skriba (vice rector for educational work of BSEU).

The verdict of the court — all three remain under sanctions and must pay court fees.

It should also be noted that the lifting of sanctions for all three was sought by Dmitry Litvinski, a lawyer at the Chamber of Advocates of Paris, who previously tried to lift sanctions against, for example, Gaidukevich, with exactly the same (no) success.

It is also interesting that pro-Lukashenka businessman Aleksandr Shakutin also lost his case for the lifting of sanctions in the EU Court of Justice on June 7.

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