Ilya Voitekhovich was on his way to his father’s funeral, but was arrested at the border

Photo: Snezhana Zelcha
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Ilya Voitekhovich, a 36-year-old youngest son of the legendary Belarusian businessman Eduard Voitekhovich from the village Komarovo, was on his way to his father’s funeral from Riga, but was arrested by GUBOPiK right at the border. This was reported by Ilya’s acquaintances.

He tried to enter Belarus on January 14, Belarusian border guards did not let him go for a long time, and then GUBOPiK officers from Minsk arrived and took him to the detention center on Akrestsina.

«Ilya was going to the funeral of his father from Riga yesterday – his daughter was born. They did not let him in for a long time at the border, GUBOPiK arrived 3 hours later from Minsk, detained him for propaganda of anti-state activities. He is on Akrestsina now,» the source said.

Ilya was detained on August 12, 2020, and was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. Obviously, he was in the database «Besporyadki» (Riots- ed.), which is managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. Everyone who was arrested at the protests is included there. Eyewitnesses reported that such people are inspected at the border with applying more strenuous methods.


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