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На русском языке: Инсайд: в Беларуси введён запрет на школьные экскурсии
На беларускай мове: Інсайд: у Беларусі ўвялі забарону на школьныя экскурсіі

The editors of got a document sent by Alexander Tarasenko, the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus, to Igor Karpenko, the Minister of Education.

Inside: school excursions are banned in Belarus

The document says that due to the epidemiological situation, pupils and students are forbidden to participate in mass events (excursions, visits to theaters) in the premises where students of different groups will be present. At the same time, students of the same class can participate in mass events with a distance of 1.5 meters.

In addition, it is said that teachers are forbidden to conduct pedagogical councils in full-time mode with the participation of more than 5 people, all adults are required to wear masks, and students — at will.

It is noted that these rules will be valid at least until December 1.

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