Belavia won’t transport citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria on flights from Dubai to Minsk.

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На русском языке: Белавиа не будет перевозить граждан Афганистана, Ирака, Йемена и Сирии на рейсах из Дубая в Минск.
На беларускай мове: Белавія не будзе перавозіць грамадзян Афганістана, Ірака, Йемена і Сірыі на рэйсах з Дубая ў Мінск

From November 14, citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria are not accepted for transportation on Belavia flights from Dubai to Belarus. On the airline’s website it is reported that this decision was made by the competent authorities of the UAE. Passengers who fall under this ban will be able to return the full cost of air tickets.

We recall that on November 12, a similar ban was introduced by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Turkey. With this, in addition to Belavia, Turkish Airlines and Emirates Airline had to reckon with this.

And on November 13, the Syrian airline Cham Wings canceled all regular flights from Damascus to Minsk, on which migrants got to the border of the European Union from September 10. Earlier, this airline was seen in the transportation of weapons and militants of PMC Wagner.

Meanwhile, more than a thousand migrants from the Middle East have been at the Belarusian-Polish border for a week. They spend nights in huts and tents, get sick, it is known about several deaths. They were taken to the border by Belarusian security forces and were not allowed to legally enter Poland through the official border crossing. Since then, migrants have been trapped: while the Poles don’t allow them to enter the territory of Poland, the Belarusian security forces don’t allow them to return to Belarus. The European Union believes that the Belarusian authorities artificially organized the flow of refugees from the Middle East and calls it hybrid aggression.

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