Lawsuits for the abolition of sanctions were prepared by lawyers of the Dentons firm

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На русском языке: Иски об отмене санкций готовили юристы фирмы «Dentons»
На беларускай мове: Пазоў аб адмене санкцый рыхтавалі юрысты фірмы «Dentons»

The Official Journal of the European Union published the claims of BelAZ, Belaeronavigatsia, Mikhail Gutseriev and MAZ to the EU Council with a demand to exclude them from the sanctions list.

From the documents it becomes clear that the lawsuits were prepared by lawyers of the Brussels office of the international law firm Dentons: David O’Keefe and Nicoleta Tuominen.

In addition, the lawsuits were prepared by: Jason Pobjoy, B. Kennelly, David Anderson and M. Mikhalauskas.

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