Lukashenka congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day and again provided the territory of Belarus for missile launches

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На русском языке: Александр Лукашенко разместил на своем сайте поздравление в адрес народа Украины с Днем независимости.
На беларускай мове: Аляксандр Лукашэнка размясціў на сваім сайце віншаванне на адрас народа Украіны з Днём незалежнасці.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka congratulated the people of Ukraine on Independence Day, his statement was published on the official website.

«I am convinced that today’s disagreements will not be able to destroy the centuries-old foundation of sincere good-neighborly relations between the peoples of the two countries. Belarus will continue to stand for the maintaining of harmony and the development of friendly and mutually respectful contacts at all levels,» the message says. He also wishes «peaceful sky, tolerance, courage, strength and success in the restoration of a decent life.»

After the publication of the congratulation, 4 missiles were launched from the territory of Belarus against Ukraine.

We remind that Lukashenka provided the territory of Belarus for Russian aggression against Ukraine. In February, Russian troops entered Ukraine and attacked Kyiv from Belarus. Russian forces also carried out missile and bomb strikes against Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

And all this happened with the direct participation of the Lukashenka regime, which seized power in Belarus in 2020 with weapons, violence and repression against Belarusians.

*Lukashenka is still not recognized by the Ukrainian authorities as a war criminal and Putin/Kremlin’s accomplice in the aggression against Ukraine.

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