Washington Post: On February 26, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus called Reznikov with a proposal to surrender

Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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На русском языке: Washington Post: 26 февраля глава МО РБ звонил Резникову с предложением о капитуляции
На беларускай мове: Washington Post: 26 лютага кіраўнік МА РБ тэлефанаваў Рэзнікаву з прапановай аб капітуляцыі

Washington Post published an article about the defense of the capital of Ukraine at the beginning of the war. Among other things, the publication wrote that on February 26, 2022, Oleksii Reznikov, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, received a phone call from Viktor Khrenin, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

During the conversation, Viktor Khrenin said in a «trembling voice» that he was «delivering a message» from the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu: «If Ukraine signs a surrender act, the invasion will stop.» In response, Reznikov said, “I am ready to accept the surrender of the Russian side.”

It’s notable that the article also mentions a previous conversation between Khrenin and Reznikov before the invasion, on February 22. At that time, Khrenin, “giving his word as an officer,” assured that there would be no offensive from the territory of Belarus.

«And he lied,» the head of the Ukrainian agency told the publication.

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