Lukashenka’s enforcers arrested men who lit smoke bombs in colors of the Ukrainian flag

Viasna / illustrative photo
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На русском языке: Силовики Лукашенко задержали парней, которые зажгли файеры в цветах флага Украины
На беларускай мове: Сілавікі Лукашэнкі затрымалі хлопцаў, якія запалілі фаеры ў колерах сцяга Украіны

The human rights organization Viasna reports that on April 16, two men who lit several fireworks and then lit yellow and blue smoke bombs were arrested on Lazhkynskaya street in Minsk.

According to the human rights defenders, the men were arrested after that. Their further fate is currently unknown.

According to Viasna, as of April 22, 2023, there are 1,496 political prisoners in Belarus. However, many Belarusians refuse the status of a political prisoner, because it leads to even more pressure in prison by the administration. Several thousand people are now detained for political reasons in the country. Every month about 300 people are arrested in the country for political reasons.

More than 50 thousand Belarusians have been arrested since the beginning of the election campaign 2020.

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