The Ambassador of Ukraine commented on the summons to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus about the downed drone

Igor Kizim
7 mins

На русском языке: Посол Украины прокомментировал вызов в МИД РБ по поводу сбитого беспилотника
На беларускай мове: Пасол Украіны пракаментаваў выклік у МЗС РБ наконт збітага беспілотніка

Igor Kizim, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, commented on his Facebook page on his summons to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus about the downed drone. We quote his words unchanged.

Today I was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to transmit me a protest note about the alleged violation of the border by a drone launched from Ukrainian territory. No sooner had I gotten out of the elevator in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry than a Belarusian correspondent of the state channel BT 1 (later I found out that her name was Ksenia) came up to me and began to persistently ask » is this espionage?»

The fact that she appeared at the Foreign Ministry and knew in advance the issues that we talked about with our Belarusian colleagues is unusual and does not do honor to the diplomatic department. Therefore, I consider this a pre-planned provocation.

Moreover, at that time, an assistant to the military attaché was also summoned to the Ministry of Defense and a correspondent from this channel was also waiting for him with the same question. And then the question appears – why? Now to the heart of the matter. Whatever «maps» Belarusian TV channels show today, one thing is obvious – on that day (and more than a week has passed since the «incident»)  the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not use drones in this area.

Moreover, as far as we know, we are talking about Orlan drones, which are only Russia and Belarus have. In addition, there are special mechanisms for the settlement of such incidents provided for by the bilateral agreement on the activities of border commissioners, which clearly spell out the procedure for action in such cases, in particular, the relevant contacts at the level of our border agencies.

Why was it necessary to ignore this agreement, call the ambassador and bring it all to the public? And here I think whether this is not due to the fact that almost at the same time a meeting of the new Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Belarus V. Gryzlov with A. Lukashenko took place. Well, for the background. It is necessary to justify the «threat from the south» with something, and also to ask for some help. But why play so roughly? After all, this has nothing to do with border security issues.

The presence of Russian troops on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is indeed a threat to the security, primarily of Ukraine, which has been repelling Russian military aggression in the Donbas for many years.

This is what I told my colleagues at the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Well, about the «fantasies» of Belarusian correspondents, we will hear today in the news releases of TV channels. It’s impossible for them to be without «information cover». But why?

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