Makei rejected the possibility of dialogue with Lukashenka’s opponents and praised Pazniak

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Vladimir Makei, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, at today’s press conference at the National Press Center, rejected the possibility of a dialogue with opponents of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, and again praised Zianon Pazniak for criticizing them.

«We will have no dialogue with those who pursue an open anti-state policy and call for sanctions, putting pressure on Belarus and rubbing their hands with pleasure when another package of sanctions is introduced. Here I agree with Zianon Pazniak, who says that they are terribly far from the people. Lately, I like the statements of this politician. The people don’t come first for them. They think primarily about some things that are closer to them,» he said.

Makei noted that civil society still exists in Belarus.

«Civil society, as the head of state also said many times, does exist. Moreover, it is planned to develop some kind of law on civil society,» he said.

According to him, those who wanted to be heard were able to make their point of view known through the constitutional process. Makei also acknowledged the correctness of steps with regard to non-state organizations and independent media, as they, in his understanding, were engaged in anti-state activities.


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