Media: MAZ is not allowed to participate in Dakar rally raid

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На русском языке: СМИ: МАЗу запретили участвовать в ралли-марафоне «Дакар»
На беларускай мове: СМІ: МАЗу забаранілі ўдзельнічаць у ралі-марафоне «Дакар»

Russian sports channel Match TV, citing its sources, has reported that the organizers of the Dakar Rally Raid will not allow the Belarusian team MAZ-SPORTauto to participate. According to their source, the trucks were heading to Marseille to load on the ferry, which was to depart in a few days to Saudi Arabia, but the team was not allowed.

Another source of the TV channel admitted that the decision may be related to sanctions against the MAZ plant, which was included in the 4th EU sanctions package. Also, the interlocutor of Match TV noted that MAZ-SPORTauto is developing a land alternative route to Saudi Arabia through Syria. It is expected that the Belarusian team will soon make a statement.

Earlier on Sunday, it also turned out that the MAZ team disappeared from the list of rally participants, but before that there was no news that the Belarusian team would miss the Dakar 2022.

The Dakar 2022 Rally will be held from January 2 to 14 in Saudi Arabia. The Belarusian team has been participating in it since 2012.

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