Migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border. Day 11. Updated

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На русском языке: Мигранты на беларусско-польской границе. День 11. Обновляется

We continue to monitor the situation at the Belarusian- Polish border, where migrants from the Middle East have stayed for 11th day. This day is possible to be the last one: today an evacuation flight to Iraq will depart from Belarus. ONLINE IS CONDUCTED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: THE LATEST NEWS WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

500 migrants tried to break into Poland at night

Polish border guards on their Twitter page report that over the past day 501 attempts of illegal border crossing were recorded. According to border guards, the migrants used force. About 100 migrants were detained, the Polish Ministry of Defense reports and publishes a video of the incident.

The Ministry of Defense also publishes photos of Belarusian security forces who were directing the attack.

9:28 – National Airport Minsk (MSQ). They’re waiting for a plane from Iraq which is already flying to Belarus for the repatriation of migrants to their homeland. The flight is organized by Iraqi Airways from Minsk to Baghdad with a transfer in Erbil.

10:24 — It is reported that some of migrants from the camp near the Belarus-Poland border are preparing for going to the airport and then — «to Kurdistan» (Iraq, most likely).

It’s known that more than 430 Iraqis are planning to leave for Iraq on the nearest flights.

12:08 –366 people have already registered for the flight from Minsk to Baghdad. The aircraft holds 430 people.

13:05 — Perhaps the people who check in for today’s flight didn’t spend the night at the border in tents.

14:42 – In one of the Telegram channels where migrants communicate, photos of people who board the plane at the National Airport Minsk appeared.

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