Bolton: U.S. should oust Lukashenka from office and find him ‘a nice villa on the Riviera’

Gage Skidmore
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На русском языке: Болтон: США должны отстранить от власти Лукашенко и найти ему «красивую виллу на Ривьере»
На беларускай мове: Болтан: ЗША павінны адхіліць ад улады Лукашэнку і знайсці яму «прыгожую вілу на Рыўеры»

John Bolton, the former U.S. National Security Advisor to President, said on CNBC that the U.S. should consider ousting Alexander Lukashenko from office in Belarus. One option is to find an authoritarian leader a «nice villa on the Riviera».

In his opinion, this should be done to prevent Russia’s attempts to regain the former Soviet republic. Since Bolton believes that Putin wants to return the territory of Belarus to Russia.

«The danger is that as the opposition continues to mount its protest, for Lukashenko, if he can’t have an authoritarian government on his own in Belarus, plan B is to call in the Russians to help. And once that happens, the Belarus people themselves may never have an opportunity to get a free government again […] So, our strategy, I think, should be how to get Lukashenko out of power and finding him a nice villa on the Riviera or something like that. It is something we (U.S. Government) ought to consider because if he invites Russia in, I don’t think they are leaving»,– Bolton said.

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