The Ukrainian Air Force denied the launch of missiles from Belarus

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На русском языке: ВВС Украины опровергли запуск ракет из Беларуси
На беларускай мове: ВПС Украіны абверглі запуск ракет з Беларусі

Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force Yury Ihnat denied the launch of missiles from Belarus and said that the Kinzhal type missile was launched from the area of Tambov. According to him, the missile passed through “the crossroads of three countries: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.”

«If a missile is flying from Tambov and passes the airspace of Belarus. Accordingly, appears somewhere over Belarus and flies towards Khmelnytskyi region, accordingly, the Kinzhal is flying from the direction of Belarus, that’s all. And don’t manipulate in the headline that missiles are flying from Belarus Ihnat said.

We note that the first information about the alleged launch of missiles from the territory of Belarus was published by the Telegram channel of the agency represented by Yury Ihnat.

The Ukrainian Air Force denied the launch of missiles from Belarus

Based on the information given above, the missile could have passed only through a narrow section of the border between Belarus and Russia from Halaye village to “Three Sisters” border crossing.

We recall that until October 1, 2023, a restriction zone for flights of all types of civil aircraft is introduced in the south of Belarus, and air-based and ground-based missiles were previously launched from this area.

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