NashaNiva: Minsk stopped paying Russia for gas due to a strong appreciation of the Russian ruble

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На русском языке: НашаНива: Минск перестал платить РФ за газ из-за сильного роста курса российского рубля

The publication Nasha Niva, citing its sources, reports that Belarus is delaying payments to Russia for gas. The reason is that the artificial growth of the Russian ruble has made the price higher than planned and too high for Belarus.

According to the contract with Gazprom, Belarus had to pay for gas at the rate of $128 per thousand cubic meters.

But Minsk must pay for gas in Russian rubles at the current rate of 56 rubles for $1, although the real market rate would be from 80 to 120 rubles. It turns out that if they pay now, they will have to pay more than planned. According to the publication, the tactics are simple now – wait until the Russian ruble weakens.

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