Peskov confirmed the withdrawal of troops from Belarus after the exercise

Source: RIA News
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Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus after the «Union Resolve–2022» exercise.

«No one has ever said that Russian troops would remain on the territory of Belarus, there was no question of this. We are talking about allied exercise, and it is clear that the troops will return to their permanent places of deployment at the end of these exercise,» RIA News quotes his words.

Earlier, no one expressed any intention to leave Russian troops in Belarus after the drills. Representatives of both countries have repeatedly said that they would be withdrawn, but after yesterday’s meeting of the presidents of Russia and France, information appeared in the Western media that this is allegedly an agreement between Macron and Putin.

Peskov also called yesterday’s meeting quite constructive. According to him, «very constructive relations» have been established between the presidents.


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