Photo of the day: there is not enough space in the Vitebsk morgue
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На русском языке: Фото дня: в Витебском морге не хватает места
На беларускай мове: Фота дня: у Віцебскім моргу не хапае месца

It is reported that there is not enough space in the morgue of the Vitebsk Emergency Hospital, so the bodies are left directly on gurneys on the street. The editors of were sent the corresponding photo. There is no exact confirmation of this information at the moment, but the reports of the relatives of the victims, who recently took the bodies from the morgue, indicate that, most likely, the photo is genuine.

Photo of the day: there is not enough space in the Vitebsk morgue

The situation around the morgue of the Vitebsk Emergency Hospital. /
"The shortage of places in the morgue in the Vitebsk Emergency Hospital seems to be true. 10 days ago we brought my dad there and heard some physician shouting to another that there were no places in the morgue, soon we would be folding on the street. Mom is in another hospital. She said that every day they take her out of intensive care..."
"... Yesterday we took a corpse from the morgue, we had to follow the body right on the corpses! Everyone is lying in black bags and with tags, who is in the bag is not clear, it is forbidden to disclose. Funeral services are loaded in excess of the norm, at times they do not even pick up the phone".

«A man has died in the Emergency Hospital from COVID. We went to negotiate with those who dig. They refused, because they had to dig 17 graves the next day, but they had time for 12. We came to take that man’s body from the Emergency Hospital morgue, and 12 corpses on gurneys lie on the street. The employee says: «We have 15 refrigerators, we put two in the refrigerators». The ritual hall was closed, they put corpses two by two there, on top of each other, along and across, so as not to fall apart. A nurse from night duty came, during the night 8 corpses were taken out of her department».

According to the public procurement website, the Vitebsk Emergency Hospital purchased bags for bodies more actively than other health care institutions in Belarus in 2021.

The epidemiological situation in Belarus has deteriorated greatly in the last month. Among the COVID-19 cases, there are more severe patients than ever, and intensive care units are overcrowded. Doctors call the 4th wave of coronavirus the most severe.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Health, 2 097 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Belarus over the past day, 17 patients have died. The number of active cases decreased by 235 people, but in a month increased from 10 335 to 23 148 patients.

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