Smuggling of Belarusian cigarettes disguised as mashed potatoes was detained in Lithuania
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На русском языке: В Литве задержали контрабанду беларусских сигарет под видом картофельного пюре
На беларускай мове: У Літве затрымалі кантрабанду беларускіх цыгарэт пад выглядам бульбянога пюрэ

Today it became known that on Monday, Lithuanian customs officers at the Medininkai checkpoint seized about 127,500 packs of Belarusian cigarettes. According to documents, a citizen of Belarus brought 12 tons of dry mashed potatoes to Lithuania and Latvia, but the X-ray showed that in addition to mashed potatoes in the boxes there were Belarusian cigarettes Minsk and NZ Gold produced by the Neman factory. 127500 packs were seized, the cost of smuggling is estimated at more than €446,000.

Tobacco smuggling with Belarusian excise taxes is associated with businessman Alexei Oleksin, one of Lukashenka’s friends, who is notorious in Belarus for the ubiquitous «Tabakerkas». Belarusian cigarettes are detained at the border with Lithuania almost every day. For example, yesterday Lithuanian customs officers seized 80,000 packs of Minsk cigarettes from a batch of doors that were allegedly being transported to Kaliningrad.

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