The Parliament of Zimbabwe wants to invalidate the deal on purchase of fire trucks from Belarus
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На русском языке: Парламент Зимбабве хочет признать сделку на закупку пожарных машин из Беларуси недействительной
На беларускай мове: Парламент Зімбабвэ хоча прызнаць здзелку на закупку пажарных машын з Беларусі несапраўднай

Earlier we wrote that Aleksandr Zingman’s company wants to supply $32 million worth fire trucks to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean journalists found out that Zimbabwean local government minister July Moyo had obliged local authorities to buy Belarus-produced MAZ fire trucks at the inflated price of $464,296 per unit in advance. After that there was a scandal in the country.

Zimbabwean legislators from both the opposition and the ruling party condemned the government’s deal on purchase of fire trucks from Belarus., citing the Newzimbabwe, reports that it was a rare case of consensus in the Zimbabwean Parliament. The Parliament demanded the text of the supply contract, which deputy local government minister Mariam Chombo provided, saying the deal was not put through normal tender processes because it was done through a bilateral agreement between the two countries.

To this, MPs said that the deal was invalid because such expenses must be approved by the Parliament. They also expressed doubt that the purchase of fire trucks was a priority for local councils: “There is no need to have a fire tender with an 80-metre boom in some of these small towns which have no high rise buildings.”

MPs have now demanded written inquiries to local authorities about the need to buy such equipment, as well as a report from local government minister July Moyo, who was involved in the deal.

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