Preparation for the siege? Metal spikes are placed at the entrance of Grodno Azot
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На русском языке: Готовятся к осаде? На проходной «Гродно Азот» устанавливают металлические шипы
На беларускай мове: Рыхтуюцца да асады? На прахадной «Гродна Азот» усталёўваюць металічныя шыпы

In the telegram channel «Azot Strike» there was the information that it was decided to install retractable metal spikes to the more than 5 meters width of the road at the 1A — checkpoint of the Grodno Azot enterprise. As if we are talking not about a factory, but about a medieval fortress that is preparing for a siege. The decision to install spikes was made «to protect facilities of increased danger from entering the factory territory of cars by ramming and terrorism

This is demonstrated by the photo of the terms of reference for the purchase, which is published in the Strike Committee telegram channel. The document was signed by the Acting Deputy of the enterprise.

Preparation for the siege? Metal spikes are placed at the entrance of Grodno Azot

According to the Strike Committee, the Security Service of the enterprise also changed the internal instruction: it was given the right to use physical force and special means, «if it is not possible to carry out their duties in other ways

"They were given army boots, batons and stun guns. Powerful multi-channel radios, ribbons with spikes for stopping transport were purchased (the cost is 12 thousand euros, in the amount of 5 grand)," – the Azot Strike channel posts.

In 2020, a strike began twice at the Grodno Azot enterprise. Some shops worked at reduced capacity, since a complete shutdown of production was dangerous for people’s lives. At the end of October, the management of Azot assured that there was no strike at the factory, just «a few dozen people are terrorizing the whole country.» 40 workers were sent to the factory to replace the strikers.

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