Google blocked Youtube-channels of the organizations related to Lukashenka
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На русском языке: Google заблокировал Youtube-каналы организаций, связанных с Лукашенко
На беларускай мове: Google заблакаваў Youtube-каналы арганізацый, што маюць дачыненне да Лукашэнкі

Google blocked accounts of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, Dana Holdings developer, JSC Belaruskali, OJSC Naftan and other organizations that came under US sanctions. This includes Youtube-channels, one of which was actively used by the Investigative Committee.

"Your Google account has been disabled in accordance with our regulations regarding export restrictions and sanctions, it cannot be restored,” - was said in company's statement.

In addition to the Google account of the Investigative Committee, the accounts of the tobacco factory Neman, Naftan, Bremen group, Lakokraska, Brest and Gomel region Police Departments, Dana Holdings, Belshina and Belaruskali were also blocked, the National Anti-Crisis Management reports.

When you try to open these Youtube-channels, you get a message saying that the account is «blocked for violating Youtube community policies».

Google blocked Youtube-channels of the organizations related to Lukashenka

The National Anti-Crisis Management explains why the blocking of accounts occurred only now. The fact is that the structure responsible for the enforcement of US sanctions deals not only with Belarus, but also has a wealth of information. Therefore, the National Anti-Crisis Management sent a letter to the leadership of Youtube to speed up the process of implementing the sanctions already adopted.

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