Smuggler with Belarusian cigarettes slammed a Lithuanian border guards’ vehicle

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На русском языке: Контрабандист с беларусскими сигаретами протаранил автомобиль литовских пограничников
На беларускай мове: Кантрабандыст з беларускімі цыгарэтамі пратараніў аўтамабіль літоўскіх памежнікаў

The driver of the Audi Q5, carrying boxes with Belarusian cigarettes, slammed the car of the Lithuanian border service in the Varena district near the border with Belarus. To prevent the attacker from escaping from the scene, Lithuanian border guards shot at the engine compartment of the car. The driver was arrested. The incident occurred on Monday, November 1. This was reported on the website of the State Border Security Department of Lithuania.

The border guard service noticed a suspicious car in the village of Ashashninkai, near the border with Belarus. The driver ignored the request to stop and tried to escape. As a result of the chase in the village of Margoniai, the driver of the Audi Q5 rammed the car of the border service. One of the passengers of the official vehicle suffered minor injuries. Border guards fired 7 shots into the engine compartment of the car to detain the attacker. It turned out to be a resident of the Druskininkai municipality.

Smuggler with Belarusian cigarettes slammed a Lithuanian border guards’ vehicle


35 boxes of cigarettes NZ Gold and NZ Black with Belarusian excise stamps were found in the cabin and trunk of the Audi Q5 car. In total, the driver was carrying 17,500 packs of smuggled cigarettes. A pre-trial investigation has been launched into the illegal disposal of excise goods. The man faces a fine or imprisonment for up to 8 years. He will also have to compensate civil damages for the official vehicle.

After interrogation, a resident of the Druskininkai municipality was released on his own recognizance. It is also established that the license plates on the Audi belong to another car.

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