Prigozhin’s plane crashed near Tver

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На русском языке: Под Тверью разбился самолёт Пригожина
На беларускай мове: Пад Цвер’ю разбіўся самалёт Прыгожына

Russian Telegram channels report that an Embraer business jet crashed in Tver oblast, Russia. The published photos and videos of the wreckage show dark blue fragments.

According to our data, at around 18:00, Yevgeny Prigozhin’s business jet Embraer Legacy 600 with reg.number RA-02795 was flying in the area of Tver. At 18:11, the plane disappeared from the radar of the public aircraft tracking service.

Prigozhin’s plane crashed near Tver

Russian channels report that there were 7 people on board the plane and all of them died. We recall that we have written about this plane many times in recent months. Later, the Ministry of Emergency of Russia reported that there were 10 people on board the plane, all of them died.

The Kremlin TASS, citing Rosaviatsiya, reports that Yevgeny Prigozhin was listed among the passengers of the plane that crashed in Tver oblast.

Prigozhin’s plane crashed near Tver

Digits from one of Prigozhin's plane numbers can be seen on fragments of the crashed plane

Another video of the plane that crashed near Tver was published. It shows the wreckage of a blue plane with the digits 795 — these are the last three digits of the reg.number RA-02795, which is assigned to Prigozhin’s main plane Embraer Legacy 600.

We also note that the following planes with Prigozhin were spotted at different times:

  • BAe 125-800B (RA-02878) — last seen on August 13 flying from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan.
  • BAe 125-800B (RA-02731) — was flying from Moscow to the area of Nalchik-Pyatigorsk on August 9.
  • Beech C90GTi King Air (RA-07893) — flew from Moscow to St. Petersburg on August 18.

And all of them were in Belarus at different times.

We note that Prigozhin’s main plane, which, judging by available information, crashed near Tver, had been in Moscow since at least July 18. Today was its first flight in a month.

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