Prosecutor General’s Office: there were no acquittals in «extremist» cases

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Last year, Belarusian courts did not issue a single acquittal in cases of «extremist orientation», the information service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reports.

In total, more than 1200 criminal cases initiated after the events of 2020 were reviewed over the past year. More than 1600 people were convicted of them. The sentences against 28 people were aggravated on the basis of an objection lodged by prosecutors.

The Prosecutor General’s Office summed up other results of activities for 2021 related to the protests. Over the past year, prosecutors:

  • opened 523 cases related to protests;
  • sent 300 applications to the courts for the recognition of information products as extremist materials (259 of which were reviewed and accepted);
  • restricted access to 15 websites and online publications;
  • filed lawsuits and made representations for the liquidation of 60 organizations;
  • issued more than 8,000 official warnings.


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