Lappo reported on the plans of Polish security forces to seize a Belarusian border guard

Photo: BelTA
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Anatoli Lappo, the Chairman of the State Border Committee, said that Poland may be planning to seize a Belarusian border guard. He stated this on the Belarus 1 TV channel.

«When I received information that the Polish security forces were planning, possibly, to seize a Belarusian border guard, I gave the command: without warning, immediately use weapons. I want to state that if only there is a threat to life and safety of a Belarusian border guard at the border, who performs his tasks on his territory, weapons will be immediately used without warning,» Lappo said.

According to Lappo, in connection with this threat, border guards were enlarged, the tactics of their actions changed.

The head of the State Border Committee said that the Polish side is trying to provoke the Belarusian border guards to retaliate. As examples of such provocations, he called the damage to the plaque with the coat of arms on the Belarusian border post and the removal of plaques from other pillars.

In his opinion, this is because there are military personnel on the Polish border who do not know the specifics of border protection.

«If real Polish border guards were on duty, this would not have happened. When people, who don’t understand anything, came… That’s what he wanted, or maybe on purpose,» Lappo said. He suggested that minor provocations would continue.


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