Relatives of Dzianis Ivashyn have not received letters from him for more than four months

Photo: Novy Chas
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Relatives of political prisoner and journalist Dzianis Ivashyn have not received letters from him for 127 days, the journalist’s mother Lyudmila Ivashyna wrote on her Facebook page. According to human rights activists, Dzianis Ivashyn is restricted in correspondence and repeatedly imprisoned in punitive confinement.

Dzianis Ivashyn was detained on March 12, the same day searches were conducted at his, his parents and 95-year-old grandmother’s house. He was accused under the article «Interference in the activities of an employee of the internal affairs bodies», but later the article was reclassified, now he is accused of «treason to the state», he faces up to 15 years imprisonment.

Ivashin cooperated with the publication Novy Chas and was a member of the Ukrainian initiative Informnapalm, he is known for his investigations. His last article for Novy Chas was an article about ex-employees of the Ukrainian Berkut who fled the country, got a job in the Belarusian security forces and participated in the dispersal of protests.


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