Inside: «More than 500 tourists are waiting for departure from Belarus under guard of the KGB and OMON»
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На русском языке: Инсайд: «Более 500 туристов ждут вылета из Беларуси под охраной КГБ и ОМОНа»
На беларускай мове: Інсайд: «Больш за 500 турыстаў чакаюць вылету з Беларусі пад аховай КДБ і АМАПа»

Sources of report that «now more than 500 tourists are waiting for a flight back at the airport under guard of the KGB and OMON».

The approximate number of migrants who left Belarus over the past two weeks is also known. According to sources, last week ≈400-500 people left Belarus, yesterday evening ≈ 160 and last night ≈ 400. Thus, over the past 2 weeks, about 960-1060 migrants have returned home.

If you have more information about the situation at Minsk airport and the traffic of migrants (to and from Belarus), as well as photos / videos from MSQ — please send to @motolko_bot

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