Review of the main events of the Belarusian propaganda about the war in Ukraine for March 24 by Hajun Project

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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На русском языке: Обзор основных событий беларусской пропаганды о войне в Украине за 24 марта от Гаюна

Hajun Project published a report on Belarusian propaganda activity on the war topic for March 24.

1. Representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry continue to speak out about the war in Ukraine. Thus, assistant Minister of Defense for ideological work Kasinski told about the spread of fakes by the Ukrainian leadership.

Key theses:

  • The Ukrainian authorities are confused about the truth and the lies («They are already confused about the truth and the lies, and they have believed many of the fakes they have created themselves»);
  • Information about the moral state of Belarusian soldiers does not correspond to reality («They have been concerned about the moral state of the Belarusian Armed Forces for many days now. It’s a low-quality fake»);
  • Ukraine itself is to blame for the war – because of its aggressive policy («The Ukrainian authorities have long designated Belarus as an enemy. During the exercise «Metel-2022″, Belarus and Russia were regarded as enemies without any conditionality»);
  • The Armed Forces of Belarus protect the state border («The Armed Forces continue to perform those tasks put by the President»).

Thus, the information about the possible invasion of the Belarusian Armed Forces into Ukraine (it has not been confirmed yet – ed.), as well as the reluctance of Belarusian soldiers to fight in Ukraine (see the results of the Chatham House poll) worries the military department of Belarus. In this connection, they have to constantly accuse the Ukrainian authorities of «creating mass fakes.» There are no other countermeasures in the arsenal of Belarusian propaganda.

We can also observe further attempts to dissociate from the war in Ukraine, and to shift the responsibility for it to the Ukrainian side. Such statements are especially ridiculous if we take into account that, according to the norms of international law, Belarus is an accomplice to the act of military aggression.

2. The coverage of the service of the Belarusian Armed Forces units «to reinforce the sections of the state border of the Republic of Belarus» continues. In another report, we can see how soldiers serve at equipped checkpoints and inspect vehicles. It is emphasized that the situation at the border is calm.

Such reports demonstrate the non-participation of the Belarusian Armed Forces in hostilities in Ukraine. The strengthening of state border protection is dictated solely by national security goals and is of a defensive nature.

3. The Ministry of Defense continues to publish videos under the hashtag #army_of_your_country, which tell about the everyday life of the Armed Forces. Another video showed the work of a special forces unit. This video is notable for its emphasis on the official state symbols. Thus, the Ministry of Defense tries to form a positive image of the Armed Forces engaged in protection of Belarus from external aggression.

4. An unusual form of encouragement for servicemen has appeared. For example, Defense Minister Khrenin, during his visit to the 103rd airborne brigade, gave t-shirts with quotations by Lukashenka (the so-called «merch of the First») to servicemen «for courage, patriotism and high morale«.

The review is made by the monitor group of the Hajun Project 

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