Turkish Airlines and Belavia stop selling tickets to Belarus for citizens of Iraq and Syria

Photo: Turkish Airlines
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На русском языке: Turkish Airlines и Belavia прекращают продажу билетов в Беларусь для граждан Ирака и Сирии
На беларускай мове: Turkish Airlines і Belavia спыняюць продаж квіткоў у Беларусь для грамадзян Ірака і Сірыі

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Turkey has banned the sale of tickets to citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen heading to Belarus. The ban applies to Turkish Airlines, Belavia and all airports. It will remain in effect until a decision is made to the contrary.

The Belarusian airline Belavia on its official website also announced that it will no longer transport citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen on flights from Turkey to Belarus.

Turkish Airlines and Belavia stop selling tickets to Belarus for citizens of Iraq and Syria

Yesterday, the Polish news agency PAP, citing its sources, reported that Turkish Airlines and Emirates Airline intend to stop selling tickets to Belarus and limit cooperation with Belavia. Later, the information was confirmed.

"Turkish Airlines on Thursday will announce a ban on the sale of tickets for flights to Belarus to citizens of the countries of origin of migrants, including Iraq and Syria. The company also decided to limit cooperation with the Belarusian airline Belavia. Similar actions apply to Emirates",– said one of senior EU diplomat in Brussels.

Later, Turkish Airlines confirmed that it would no longer register Iraq citizens for flights to Minsk.

We remind that a migration crisis broke out at the border of Belarus and the European Union. For the fifth day, at least a thousand migrants have been in the border zone between Belarus and Poland. The European Union believes that the Belarusian authorities artificially organized the flow of refugees from the Middle East and call it a hybrid aggression designed to sow chaos on the eastern flank of NATO alliance.

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