Russia and Belarus to create joint center for monitoring customs operations

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As part of the implementation of the so-called union programs of Russia and Belarus, a Center for Monitoring Customs Operations between the Countries will be created by the beginning of summer 2022. It will be placed in Minsk. This was stated by Ruslan Davydov, the first deputy head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia, TASS reports. A Russian official said the center was created as part of the implementation of union programs that were approved in November last year.

«This is our joint project with Belarus, a part of the implementation of our union programs, which were approved by the two presidents. In the field of customs relations, we can safely say that we are somewhat ahead of schedule,» he said.

Davydov explained the principle of the center’s work: it will monitor customs operations between countries through the exchange of information and will help prevent customs violations and the import of counterfeit goods.

«This will be made on the basis of monitoring the performance of customs operations, in respect of goods and vehicles that move around our Union State,» the Russian official said.

The Center will also be engaged in the standardization of customs administration and coordination of the activities of mobile groups of customs authorities of the two countries. It will employ 30 people at the beginning (15 people from each country), who will be subordinate to the customs committee of the Union State.


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