Belarusian delegation led by Parkhomchyk paid a visit to Togo on the plane of the «arms dealer» Zingman

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На русском языке: Беларусская делегация во главе с Пархомчиком совершила визит в Того на самолёте «оружейного барона» Зингмана
На беларускай мове: Беларуская дэлегацыя на чале з Пархомчыкам здзейсніла візіт у Тога на самалёце «зброевага барона» Зінгмана

On January 25, a ceremony was held to receive 22 buses for the city’s transport network in Lome, the capital of the African state of Togo. Pyotr Parkhomchyk, the Minister of Industry of Belarus, can be seen in the photos published by the local publication Lomegraph. The visit, during which the Minister «personally transferred» Belarusian buses manufactured for the Togolese Republic, was officially reported just today by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus. However, the official source omitted a number of details.

Belarusian delegation led by Parkhomchyk paid a visit to Togo on the plane of the «arms dealer» Zingman

Pyotr Parkhomchyk, the Minister of Industry of Belarus, cuts the ribbon at the ceremony of transferring Belarusian buses in Togo, January 25 / Lomegraph

The editors of learned that the Belarusian delegation led by Parkhomchyk flew to Togo on the plane of Alexander Zingman. The buses, which were allegedly «personally transferred» by Parkhomchyk, were produced under the SUB brand at the ETON plant in Zhodino. And the agreement on their supply in the summer of 2021 with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Togolese Republic was concluded by the Dubai company of Alexander Zingman AFTRADE DMCC.

«We are pleased to have concluded an agreement on the supply of 22 commuter buses to Togo and hope to deliver them by the end of the year. These buses are already operating in many countries of the African continent,» Zingman said at the time.

The CEO of The Togolese company SOTRAL, which operates buses in the capital of Togo, said at the time: «Each of the new AFTRADE buses, which seat more than 70 people, will be a welcome addition to our transport network.»

According to local publications, the amount of the transaction amounted to 2 million 276 thousand US dollarsAffho Atcha-Deji, the Minister of Transport of Togo, welcomed the cooperation between Togo and Belarus, which made it possible to purchase these «treasure.» In response, Parkhomchyk invited his Togolese counterpart to pay a visit to Belarus. By the way, after the ceremony, the Belarusian delegation went to Zimbabwe.

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