Sikorsky has confirmed that Belaeronavigatsia can be disconnected from the European air database

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На русском языке: Сикорский подтвердил, что «Белаэронавигацию» могут отключить от Европейской базы авиаданных
На беларускай мове: Сікорскі пацвердзіў, што «Белаэранавігацыю» могуць адключыць ад Еўрапейскай базы авіяданых

Two days ago we wrote that Belaeronavigatsia could be disconnected from the European AIS database by mid-November. And today, Artem Sikorsky, the head of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport, at a press conference has confirmed that the risk of disconnection of Belaeronavigatsia from AIS really exists. He also added that the loss of profit of the Belarusian aviation under sanctions is already $ 10 million per month.

Disconnection of Belaeronavigatsia from the European AIS database means that, in retrospect, all the data in the Belaeronavigatsia database will lose relevance and flying to Belarus and over it will simply be unsafe. 

We recall that in June of this year, Belaeronavigatsia, like Leonid Churo, its General Director, came under the EU sanctions. In parallel, the sanctions lists were expanded by the United States, Great Britain and Canada. Later, Switzerland and Jersey also imposed sanctions on them.

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