Situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus for April 12 by Hajun Project

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На русском языке: Оперативная сводка от Гаюна за 12 апреля о военной активности на территории Беларуси

Belarusian Hajun Project published a situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus as of 22:00 April 12.

Russian Armed Forces columns continue to move through the territory of Belarus (1, 2, 3). The columns mostly consist of Ural and KamAZ trucks. There are also fuel trucks, trailers, cranes, armored vehicles, and off-road vehicles of various modifications.

We can distinguish the following routes of the columns:

  • Khoiniki- Brahin;
  • Rechitsa- Gomel;
  • Kalinkavichy- Mazyr;
  • Mazyr- Naroulya;
  • Kalinkavichy- Gomel.

Vehicles were also seen in the Asipovichy and Pinsk. Thus, movements of military equipment remain primarily in the southeastern districts of Gomel region.

Columns with fighting vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces were also recorded moving. For example, a trailer carrying a Tochka-U missile launcher was spotted in Gomel. A convoy of 7 tractors carrying infantry fighting vehicles was seen on the Kalinkavichy-Mazyr route. And military equipment (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and 122-mm Grad MLRS) was moving from Ziabrauka railway station (Gomel district) to Ziabrauka airfield.

Flight activity was observed at military airfields in Belarus. 8 departures (some of them were training flights of the Belarusian Air Force) and 8 landings were recorded in Baranavichy, including five IL-76 and a Mi-8 helicopter, one departure from Lida (training flight of the Belarusian Air Force), and one departure of IL-76 from Gomel. There was also information that Russian Air Force aircraft taking off from the airfield in Baranavichy continued missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

The flight restriction zone over the territory of Belarus was extended until May 10. A ban on flights over the southern area of Belarus was imposed on February 24 with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Thus, the threat of missile attacks from the territory of Belarus still exists.

There was an intensive movement of Russian Armed Forces equipment by rail. For example, a train with empty flatcars was moving in the direction of Gomel-North railway station. Armored vehicles were seen near Navabelitskaya railway station, and later began to be loaded. An echelon with self-propelled guns, MT-LB, infantry fighting vehicles on flatcars was moving from Rechitsa to Gomel-North railway station. Two trains were also seen at Gomel-Nechetny railway station. The first had fuel trucks, Ural trucks, BRDM-2, and KamAZ trucks, the second had 10 Buk missile systems. Also, a train loaded with 30 military vehicles was seen at Gomel-Passenger railway station, and another 15 were waiting to be loaded.

Loading of the train was also seen at the railway station in Rechitsa. Also, a loaded train was seen at Aziaryshcha railway station (Minsk), 14 KamAZ trucks with river links for a pontoon bridge, 2 tugboats were on the flatcars. Later, the train was seen at Stsiapianka railway station (Minsk). A train with empty flatcars (about 30 units) was moving from Minsk in the direction of Rudensk.

Military equipment was being loaded onto flatcars at Kozenki railway station (Mazyr district). About 100 more vehicles were waiting for further loading near the station. A small number of military equipment was also spotted at the railway station in Yelsk, and its loading started later. Also, damaged military equipment (MT-LB, BMD-2, 5 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled guns) was loaded at the railway station in Khoiniki. Equipment was also loaded at Asipovichy railway station. It should be noted that a train with equipment was seen in Orsha, which was moving towards Russia.

We note that a Bogdan-Isuzu bus stolen in Ukraine without license plates and with «V» mark was seen on the flatcars of the train moving from Minsk to the east. There was also information about the transportation of explosive materials from Belarus to Russia by rail.

Several sources reported that in the evening of April 7, a helicopter could have crashed or been shot down in the Dobrush district of Gomel region (a few kilometers from the «Three Sisters» border crossing between Belarus, Ukraine and Russia).

No strikes from Belarus against the territory of Ukraine by tactical missile systems were recorded.

It was reported that 22 soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces with signs of radiation exposure were taken to the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology in Gomel. Belarusian specialists are treating them. Earlier, we reported that units of the Russian Armed Forces were setting up positions in the Red Forest»near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

No movements of military equipment of the Belarusian Armed Forces were recorded.

If you have any additional information on the movement of military equipment on the territory of Belarus, please write to @HajunBYbot or via the contact form below.

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