Kryon employee: «We produce oxygen only for 2,110 patients per day»
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На русском языке: Сотрудник «Крион»: «Кислорода производим только для 2 110 пациентов в сутки»
На беларускай мове: Супрацоўнік «Крыён»: «Кіслароду вырабляем толькі на 2 110 пацыентаў у суткі»

The editors of received information about the situation at the Kryon oxygen production plant. According to the employee, the load has increased significantly, and there is a constant queue for oxygen.

Kryon employee: «We produce oxygen only for 2,110 patients per day»

Queue for oxygen at the Kryon enterprise /

«Everything is not very bad, but also not good with oxygen. There are two units for air separation, an old one and a new one. The new unit gives out 7 tons of oxygen per hour, the old one 1.7-1.9. It can produce about 211 tons per day. One COVID patient needs 100 kg oxygen per day. Thus, we produce oxygen only for 2 110 patients per day. 

Oxygen loading shop is overloaded, there is a constant queue of vehicles. Both units work around the clock. The workload has grown strongly, and the salary has certainly been raised, but it is not commensurate with a multiple increase in the volume of work«, – said the Kryon employee.

And this is despite the fact that just according to data of the Ministry of Health as of October 21, 23 148 people were being treated in Belarus. By the way, despite the aggravated situation with oxygen, we are informed that the Emergency Hospital station continues to sell oxygen under the table:

«There is such an illegal filling of oxygen cylinders. Installers/builders use oxygen for their production needs, such as gas welding or cutting. Oxygen is «sold» there at 7 rubles per 5 liters, in recent weeks it has risen in price a little».

We have not yet confirmed the information about the illegal sale of oxygen. However, we would like to note that earlier at the meeting, Lukashenka said that some «scoundrels» [probably talking about the authors of Telegram channels — ed.] publish information from which 99.8% are fakes and the State Control Committee checks all this information.

«I have already paid attention to this: we have enough scoundrels, you can not call them other way. Basically, of course,  99.8% of it is fake. But there is information that you need to pay attention to. Therefore, this monitoring is taking place. Moreover, with field visits. Of course, I do not want to list these fakes, but the State Control Committee have checked some things overnight and in the morning. Well, you just wonder when you read all this. Well, these are scoundrels. They have nothing sacred. They will write that dozens, hundreds are dying in hospitals, that there is not enough oxygen, there is not enough of some medicines, treatment and other things»,– he said.

We hope that the State Control Committee will also check the information about the illegal sale of oxygen.

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