Situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus for April 6 by Hajun Project
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На русском языке: Оперативная сводка от Гаюна за 6 апреля о военной активности на территории Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Аператыўная зводка ад Гаюна за 6 красавіка аб ваеннай актыўнасці на тэрыторыі Беларусі

Hajun Project published a situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus as of 22:00 April 6.

Russian Armed Forces columns continue to move through Belarus (1, 2, 3, and 4). The convoys mostly consist of Ural and KAMAZ trucks. There are also fuel trucks, armored vehicles, and off-road vehicles of various modifications.

We can distinguish the following routes of columns’ movement:

  • Minsk-Gomel;
  • Khoiniki-Mazyr;
  • Kalinkavichy-Gomel;
  • Gomel- Ukrainian border;
  • Naroulya- Mazyr.

Thus, the localization of movements of military equipment columns remains in the southeastern districts of Gomel region. We can note a decrease in movement of equipment.

Flight activity at military airfields in Belarus were recorded in Baranavichy (7 departures/landing of IL-76 transport aircraft) and Lida (12 departures).

Separately, we also note departures from the Machulishchy airfield. There were 5 aircraft and 26 helicopters, as well as 4 IL-76 transport aircraft. Of them:

  • At least 20 helicopters of the Russian Air Force flew to the Seshcha airfield (Bryansk region) – 1, 2;
  • 6 Mi-26 transport helicopters, in groups by two, flew to Viazma airfield (Smolensk region, Russia – at 15:40), Shatalovo airfield (Smolensk region, Russia – at 15:30), and Seshcha airfield (Bryansk region, Russia — 15:45).

Movement of Russian Armed Forces equipment by rail continues. Equipment continues to be loaded onto the train at the Kozenki railway station (Mazyr district, Gomel region). A train with military equipment was seen in Minsk, moving towards Gomel. Another train, which arrived from Baranavichy, was seen at the Minsk-South railway station. Later, it was spotted near Asipovichy (Mogilev region). A cluster of military equipment with «V» marks, waiting for further loading, was seen at the Kalodzishchy railway station. Loading of military equipment onto train platforms (T-72 tanks, armored personnel carriers, KamAZ and Ural trucks) was recorded at the railway station in Rechitsa. Also, loading of military equipment was seen at Yelsk railway station.

A train with 60 empty platforms was seen at the Gomel-Nechetny railway station. There also was a train with 20 Ural trucks and several passenger cars of the Russian Railways, a train with Ural and KamAZ trucks, as well as 8 armored personnel carriers. It was also reported that a train with 16 passenger cars of the Russian Railways with a small number of military personnel left Gomel for Russia. A train with 40 platforms and 5 passenger cars of the Russian Railways departed from the Gomel-North railway station to Rechitsa.

No strikes against Ukraine by tactical missile systems from the territory of Belarus were recorded.

There were also reports that two field camps of the Russian Armed Forces were set up near Rechitsa (at the intersection of M10 and R-33 highways).

Information that Russian soldiers were setting up positions in the «Red Forest,» only 3,5 km from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, has been confirmed. This fact is an indirect confirmation that the military were using outdated maps of 1985.

Hajun Project published the data of 34 more marauder soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, who may be involved in war crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Thanks to the help of partial people, it became known that on April 2, 2022, soldiers sent TV, a coffee machine, clothes, cables, tools, and even a boat engine from Mazyr to Russia through CDEK delivery service. A significant part of these items were stolen from Ukrainian citizens.

It was reported on detention of 4 people suspected of destroying relay cabinets near Asipovichy on March 28. During the detention of the young men, who did not resist, the law enforcers deliberately shot them in their kneecaps.

We also receive information that the Russian Armed Forces have equipment on the territory of the Mazyr distillery plant. It should be noted that the enterprise is located next to the Mazyr Oil Refinery and 30 km from the border with Ukraine.

No movement of Belarusian Armed Forces units was recorded.

If you have any additional information on the movement of military equipment on the territory of Belarus, please write to @HajunBYbot or via the contact form below.

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