Sources: Belaeronavigatsia can be disconnected from the European air database

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На русском языке: Источники: «Белаэронавигацию» могут отключить от Европейской базы авиаданных
На беларускай мове: Крыніцы: «Белаэранавігацыю» могуць адключыць ад Еўрапейскай базы авіяданых

Yesterday, the telegram channel “Posmotri, brechnya?” published a post with unconfirmed information that in the next two weeks Belaeronavigatsia can be disconnected from the global aviation data system. Several anonymous sources confirm this and say that the consequences could lead to the termination of flights of all foreign airlines over Belarus. 

We are talking about the disconnection of Belarus (Belaeronavigatsia) from the European AIS database (EAD), which may occur as early as mid-November.  

“On November 15, cooperation with the European EAD database will cease. If nothing is done, over time all the data will lose relevance and flying to us and over us will simply be unsafe,”– sources of

The European AIS Database (EAD) is the world’s largest reference aeronautical data, which was developed by EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation — ed. Users are given instant access to ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), NOTAM (Notices for Aircraft Pilots), PIB (Pre-Flight Information Bulletins), AIP (Aeronautical Information Collection) and other messages from pilots and controllers that ultimately ensure flight safety.

In practice, EAD gives Belaeronavigatsia the opportunity to receive and, most importantly, provide up-to-date information on changes in airspace, information on runways available for landing, airports functioning, free air corridors etc.

According to the sources, at the moment EAD is the only base that the state-owned enterprise uses and today there is no access to other bases. The disconnection could lead to the termination of foreign airlines’ flights over Belarus. First of all, because of the inability to know exactly what is happening in the airspace of our country. If no replacement is found, then in a few months the Belarusian information will cease to be relevant.

Sources: Belaeronavigatsia can be disconnected from the European air database

Contacts of Belaeronavigatsia in EUROCONTROL system /

“Belaeronavigatsia is obliged to submit fresh data to the EAD within a certain timeframe. There are various mandatory updates. It is primarily used by airlines and foreign organizations. It will not be possible to quickly transfer work to another platform — now there is access only to this one, but in the future the option may be the CAI of the State Administration of Russia,”– the sources say.

We recall that in June of this year, Belaeronavigatsia, like Leonid Churo, its General Director, came under the EU sanctions. In parallel, the sanctions lists were expanded by the United States, Great Britain and Canada. Later, Switzerland and Jersey also imposed sanctions on them.

Updated 3.11.2021

Two days after the publication of our inside, Artem Sikorsky, the head of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport,  has confirmed that the risk of disconnection of Belaeronavigatsia from AIS really exists. He also added that the loss of profit of the Belarusian aviation under sanctions is  $ 10 million per month.

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