The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is silent. Kurdistan leadership calls for protection of Kurds in Belarus.

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На беларускай мове: МЗС маўчыць. Кіраўніцтва Курдыстана заклікае абараніць курдаў, якія знаходзяцца ў Беларусі

Viktor Rybak, the ambassador of Belarus to Iraq and Turkey, held meetings with the leadership of the Iraqi Autonomous Region of Kurdistan. Today he met with Masoud Barzani, the former president of Kurdistan, and Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan. The parties discussed the ongoing migration crisis in Belarus, which, as stated in Kurdistan, should be resolved in accordance with international law.

According to the official website of the chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic party, Masoud Barzani urged to look at the problem of illegal migration from a humanitarian point of view and with the help of humanitarian organizations to protect the lives of Kurdish women and children who are in Belarus. In addition, Barzani stressed the need for international coordination with all parties to find solutions to the problem of smuggling and illegal immigration. 

It is noteworthy that at the time of publication, these meetings were not reported either on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus or in the state media.

The publication kurdistan24 writes that Viktor Rybak held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan today. It is reported that they discussed the terms of arrival of migrants in Belarus and agreed on the need to maintain “coordination” when it comes to solving any problems faced by the Kurds during the trip to Belarus. In addition, it is reported that the meeting confirmed the need to prevent illegal crossings and immigration. The Belarussian envoy, in turn, expressed his country’s “absolute readiness” to develop and expand bilateral ties with the Kurdistan Region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is silent. Kurdistan leadership calls for protection of Kurds in Belarus.

Viktor Rybak and Masoud Barzani / Photo:

The publication notes that in recent months, many migrants arrived in Belarus from Iraq and Kurdistan. Later, they tried to illegally cross the borders of Belarus with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, which caused an ongoing migration crisis. 

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